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Runtime Tags

konfigadm minify -c config.yml --tags ubuntu
# tags are detected by default when using the apply command
konfigadm apply -c config

Similar to go build tags, runtime tags provide a way of deciding what gets run, the following tags are provided by default:

  • centos
  • ubuntu
  • fedora
  • debian matched for all debian based distros (ubuntu)
  • rhel
  • redhat matched for all redhat based distros (centos, fedora, rhel, amazon linux)
  • amazonLinux
  • aws matched when running inside Amazon Web Services
  • azure matched when running inside Azure
  • vmware matched when running on a vSphere Hypervisor
  • kvm matched when running on a KVM Hypervisor

Tags can be applied to the following elements: * packages * packageRepos * packageKeys * commands, pre_commands, post_commands

Multiple tags can be specified in which case all tags must match.

  # only install aws-cli on debian based system running in AWS
  - aws-cli #+debian +aws

Tags can be negated using !

  # attach a rhel subscription, but only if we are not running in AWS
  - subscription manager attach #+rhel !aws